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green cross 5

This sculptural body of work is concerned with themes of movement and nature.

The figures represent nature, life, movement and balance.


The glass is cast from natural material, mainly Heather and Gorse sticks due to their natural flow and energy; they are to be found growing in rugged, wild locations.

The sticks used are collected locally from Cornwall and my place of birth, Derbyshire.


The wood needs no further manipulation as it has interesting and unique surface textures which add to the overall aesthetic. When these qualities are multiplied into more tangible figurative aspects, they give the piece the dynamism required.


I am looking for 'energy' in my glass work which is translated through the wood. Added to this is the inherent quality of the glass; I find glass visually ephemeral, forever changing in differing light. Adding a unique quality to the overall piece.


Sculptural Glass